Terms of Service

Terms of Service
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123-games.org can provide a platform with HTML5 games over the Internet (hereinafter referred to as “games”), as well as additional services related to the game. Then, the term “game” also includes all the additional services for these Games, unless the context otherwise indicates. Users of the following Games are referred to as “users”.

Part A: General provisions

§1. Scope

1. 123-games.org provides all game-related services, exclusively in accordance with the terms of this service (hereinafter referred to as “I will”). The General Conditions in section an always applicable; The special conditions in Section B will apply in the case of registration and payment services.

2. 123-games.org explicitly opposes the application of common rules and conditions that may be users. The terms of this user will simply become part of the agreement if these are explicitly approved by 123-games.org.

§ 2. Describes The Services Provided

1. Use the game in the basic version is free. However, 123-games.org can provide users with the ability to use the enhanced version of certain games identified for payment. Users will be notified of their respective functions, requirements and prices, respectively, in each game or on the 123-games.org website (if available).

2. Games provided by 123-games.org are based on “status” and may be developed, updated and modified more. This will give the user the best gaming experience and fun to play as long as possible. Therefore, the user is always entitled to participate in the current version corresponding to the version of the game. 123-games.org reserves the right to suspend, restrict or change the operation of any game or functionality of any game, in whole or in part, without giving any reason.

3. 123-games.org ensures that the availability level is an annual average of 90% for each individual game. It is excluded from this point that game servers cannot be accessed via the Internet due to technical issues or others not dependent on 123-games.org (eg, force majeure, third-party error, etc.), as well as working time. Periodic maintenance will be carried out. Responsibility 123-games.org for servers inaccessible in the event of deliberate intentional and gross negligence is not affected. Access to the game may be limited to 123-games.org if the security of the network operation requires it or to maintain the integrity of the network, in particular, to prevent serious interference with network or software or data is stored.

§ 3. General Rules

1. Just use the game for commercial purposes after it is pre-approved in writing by 123-games.org.

2. A user is also committed to complying with the law when using the game. They specifically prohibit the distribution of any type of content and any sexual content, racism, insults or affiliations, glorification of violence, war or any other unlawful link, as well. as the relevant content violates the rights of the third party. Users are also not permitted to distribute commercial advertisements in products of third-party products or software or any unauthorized third-party work protected by copyright or other rights.

§ 4. General User Obligations

1. 123-games.org protects your system from virus attacks. However, a virus attack can never be completely eliminated. In addition, an unauthorized third party may be emailed by 123-games.org without consent, such as containing a virus or spyware, or a link to web content that contains -drop or spyware. 123-games.org does not affect this. Therefore, users should check all incoming emails that have been submitted to 123-games.org for the virus. This also applies to emails sent by other users.

2. 123-games.org is not responsible for any damage or loss of data that may be affected on the user’s device by using the game, without leaving 123-games.org.

§ 5. Condition Defects

1. 123-games.org, we only provide games to users in their current version. Users may not request service or set of conditions/masses of certain functions of the game and/or additional services. Games, as well as additional services, will be considered defective only if their ability to play or use these services is severely and steadily degraded. These terms do not change the burden of proof to the detriment of the user.

2. Warranty does not cover, at the outset, defects caused by the external action, operator error, user responsibility, unavoidable or altered circumstances, or other actions. from 123-games.org.

3. 123-games.org does not imply any warranties of any kind.

§ 6. Liability

1. For 123-games.org, the provision of free services to 123-games.org is not liable for damages if they are not intentionally caused or negligent.

2. If 123-games.org requests a fee for its services, 123-games.org will be liable in the case of intentional intent and gross negligence. In the event of minor negligence, 123-games.org will only be liable in the event of a breach of contract or breach of warranty. The primary contractual obligation, also known as the obligation under the case law, is related to the initial obligation to fulfill the contract and the performance that the partner may rely on.

3. The above limitation of liability does not apply to liability for damage to life or health, or if the 123-games.org guarantee is accepted. Responsibility for 123-games.org under the product liability law (“Produkthaftungsgesetz”), as well as within TKG Section 44a (Telecommunications Act) is unaffected.

4. The appropriate liability is limited to anticipated damages in the event of a breach of contractual obligations. Damage can be expected to be limited to EUR 60.00 per account.

5. Limitation of personal liability also extends to the personal liability of employees, employees, assistants, representatives and indirectly, 123-games.org, in particular for the benefit of shareholders, employees. , their representatives, agencies, and members. personal responsibility.

6. 123-games.org will only respond to give advice and questions related to the game.

7. The above rules do not change the burden of proof that damages the user.

§7. Industrial Property And Copyright

123-games.org or licensed, respectively, have proprietary or proprietary rights, all rights to the content of the game, respectively. Reproduction, reproduction, exploitation, unlawful or infringing industrial property rights and copyright 123-games.org will be subject to prosecution in civil and/or criminal cases.

§8. Liability for Third Party Content

1. 123-games.org makes a platform for communication accessible to users through which they can communicate with each other. The user is personally responsible for the content of this message, as well as for all other content that the user publishes on the homepage.

2. Content as they relate to third-party content of 123-games.org in the sense of section 8. 1 TMZ (TMG). Content only reflects the personal opinion of the respective user. 123-games.org does not accept content and does not accept this content. The same applies to information in any form, any infringement of third party rights. The violation may result in the removal or termination of the content and / or suspension of the account, as well as the deletion of the account.

3. 123-games.org is not responsible for the content of any site that may be linked directly or indirectly from 123-games.org. 123-games.org does not control these sites or determine the distance from their content.

4. Content that should be reported for infringing 123-games.org, 123-games.org will be made available to remove and remove this content immediately.

§9. Protect Data

123-games.org handles and uses user data collected during the process of signing the agreement, as well as during the use of the service and necessary to perform the contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of Data Protection Act. The 123-games.org Privacy Policy will apply.

§10. Changes To These TOS

1. 123-games.org reserves the right to change or extend the TOS, this time in the future if changes or extensions prove necessary and if the user is not in a position that is unfavorable contrary to good faith. Changes may be necessary to amend a change in the legal situation or to reflect changes in the scope of services and/or additional services related to the game, as further development. New court decisions will be announced, changes in legal status will also be considered.

2. As a rule, a change or amendment shall be notified at least two weeks prior to its effective date in writing. As a rule, links to changes in terms of service will be posted by email or on your site 123-games.org.

3. The user has the right to object to the change or 123-games.org within one month of publication and the ability to authenticate. In the event of an immediate objection, both parties have the right to terminate the contract in accordance with the termination of this contract. Other termination rights remain unchanged. Other customer complaints are excluded. If the user does not object during the protest period or if the use of the service continues after this time, changes or additions will be deemed accepted and will become part of the agreement.

4. 123-games.org specifically guides the ability to oppose and terminate, the duration and legal consequences for users in the notice of changes in the TOS, specifically related to the subject, are discarded.

§11. Final Provisions

1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively to all agreements entered into on the basis of this agreement and the related claims. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Sale of Goods and the International Private Law, Germany is excluded.

2. The terms of service designated or not valid, other conditions of these service conditions will not be affected.

3. To amend the use contract, the mortgage contract must have a written form. This will also apply to any amendment to the written requirements.

Section B: Special Terms for Registrations and Paid Services

§12. Users entitled to Participate

123-games.org only provides games to consumers in the sense of section 13 BGB [German Civil]. Consumers are any individual who enters into legal transactions for purposes other than commerce, business or profession.

2. Only persons under the age of 18 or legal representatives may be admitted to join. The user guarantees and declares when entering the game that he is an adult and has the opportunity to end the legitimate transaction. If the user is a minor, he guarantees and represents the consent of the legal representative. 123-games.org has the right to request a written endorsement that the user has reached the age of consent of the law or the consent of his or her legal representative.

§ 13. Conclusion Of Agreement

1. Pre-register and create a member account (hereinafter referred to as “the account”) may request to participate in some games or use an enhanced version of some games.

2. All information provided in the questionnaire must be accurate, whether mandatory or voluntary. During the registration process, users must enter an email address that can be contacted with them.

3. By submitting the registration form, the corresponding user submitting the proposal must become a member of the service. However, this transaction is not complete. Only with the agreement of 123-games.org on the supply of this mate, the contract will be signed.

4. The user can not – in any way – designate his or her account to a third party without the prior written consent of 123-games.org. Any sale, sale, rental or lease of any account is prohibited.

5. If payment is made for the service for a certain period of time, the user agrees to the contract signed up with 123-games.org. The length of the register specified in the rules and description for the corresponding game or service.

§ 14. Right Of Withdrawal

1. Termination Right:

You have the right to terminate this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

Termination of the contract expires after 14 days from the date of signing the contract. To exercise your right to terminate the contract, you must notify us of the decision to terminate this contract with a clear statement (for example, letters sent by mail, fax or email). You can use the standard output template, but this is not necessary.

In order to comply with the withdrawal period, you may send relevant contact information to you to exercise your withdrawal rights by the due date.

Consequences of termination: If you cancel this Agreement, we will refund all your payments, including delivery costs (unless you pay additional costs, you choose a different delivery type than the one in no event, within 14 days from the date of giving notice of our decision to withdraw from this Agreement. We will issue a refund this way, using the same payment method that you used for the original transaction unless you have agreed otherwise; In any case, you will not incur any costs due to the return.

If you request to start the service at the time of withdrawal, you will pay us the amount corresponding to the amount provided until you request us to withdraw money from this contract. with the entire policy

End this guide on your withdrawal rights.

2. Cash withdrawal form:

To cancel the contract of sale, please send us the following information:

  • I / We (*) terminate the contract that I/we have signed to purchase the following goods (*) / services (*)
  • Ordered (*) / received (*)
  • Consumer name
  • Consumer Address
  • Client signature (print only form)
  • Day

*) Please delete unnecessary words or phrases.

§ 15. Further General Rules

1. Users are not allowed to create or otherwise create, use or use any software application or software that affects game status or progress in the game or services. that can only resist payment.

2. Therefore, it is specifically prohibited for users to receive service based on a table or other benefits, such as system control or game automation or the function of individual games, use Software or other applications (such as “bots”, “hack” or “cheats”). If in doubt, you should contact 123-games.org before using the software and be approved by a document.

§ 16. Payments

1. For payment of fees, 123-games.org allows users to purchase or subscribe to enhanced versions of certain games. Extended versions of the game provide additional functionality not available in the basic free version of the Game. 123-games.org can also give users the opportunity to use additional services to pay commissions. Prior to use, the type, function and cost of additional services will be communicated to the user in the game and / or on the 123-games.org website. Additional functions provide the cost of allowing certain additional functions to be specified for a certain period of time according to the rules of the game.

2. Due to the ongoing development of 123-games.org, we reserve the right to provide new functionality and / or remove these functionality from the enhanced version of the game, changing this functionality or This version is provided in the basic free version. If users have paid for additional functionality for a certain time in the future and can not use these functions due to the above reasons or if they are also offered in the basic free version, 123 -games.org will be selected by the user, provide additional functionality for the game and / or refund the amount paid by the user. In these cases, the user also has the right to cancel the subscription immediately. Any complaints from other users in this area are excluded.

3. With the final confirmation of the 123-games.org order or payment using the 123-games.org service provider, the registration fee or any additional service will be limited. and must return the user. Payments are usually debited from a bank account assigned or debited from the credit card or made by the billing system.

4. 123-games.org may at any time reduce subscription pricing and / or additional functionality continuously or over a specified period and provide new products, services or payment methods. for a limited period of time. Any price changes do not affect the operation of the registry.

5. In the case of default, 123-games.org reserves the right to charge statutory profits, disable access to extended versions of the game, or even suspend the operation of user accounts. Users will not be charged the corresponding subscription of a suspended account as long as the account is still suspended.

6. If canceled debits and/or debit charge arises for 123-games.org due to a user’s fault or due to a lack of a user’s billing account, the user will incur costs and cancellation charges. 123-games.org will have the right to debit the costs incurred. Famobi reserves the right to request these costs, along with the initial payment from the user’s account, to duplicate the debit account.

7. User-submitted objects are only allowed if the counterfeit is indisputable or legally declared by the court against 123-games.org. The user can only exercise the right of retention if the objection to him is based on the same contractual relationship. Specify user complaints on 123-games.org except for third parties.

8. 123-games.org may also provide additional payment methods, replacing the user, that the user must use a third-party service and may request other considerations in addition to cash payments. . If a user uses a third-party service, any related agreement is an additional agreement between the User and the third party. The terms of these joint activities of third parties may be included in the contract with such third parties. 123-games.org has no direct impact on their content and, as a rule, is not aware of either, not the parties to the agreement, between the user and any third party.

§ 17. Obligations Of Other Users

1. User will keep all data to access services (username, password, etc.) safely and will not disclose this information to third parties without prior written permission. copy of 123-games.org. If a third party uses your account after receiving user access data, as a user is not fully protected from third-party access, the user will be held liable as if he or she was acting on. independent action.

2. Consumers will immediately notify 123-games.org right after they know that an unauthorized third party owns the data, accessing them.

3. If there is a reasonable suspicion that data accessed by an unauthorized third party 123-games.org has no obligation, but reserves the right to alter access data without notice or suspension. corresponding user accounts. 123-games.org will promptly notify the authorized user and request access to the data within a reasonable time.

4. 123-games.org will be the general rule of contacting the user via email if you set this or any deal with other users. Consequently, users must ensure that e-mails sent to 123-games.org can contact them at the email address provided during the registration process or later contact 123-games.org. They must ensure this, among other things, by setting up spam filters and regularly checking their email address. 123-games.org we have the right to choose the appropriate form.

§ 18. Term And Termination

1. Sign up for free to enter a limited time. Registration is valid for the period specified in the contract. The subscription agreement expires at the end of the term, but may be extended by the User by paying a renewal fee.

2. If the user terminates the contract before the expiry date, the validity period of the contractual service has not expired.

3. The right to terminate the contract for any reason at any time remains unaffected by these rules. 123-games.org may terminate the contract, in particular, in the event of (i) serious breach of the law, TOS, rules and/or rules of use of additional services and, Newspaper, many times do not work properly or similar; or (ii) the default payment is a user who has a minimum of 10 euros and does not pay, despite two reminders

4. In the event of a serious breach, it may be terminated immediately without prior notice. Serious violation is a violation of the agreement. Compliance cannot be considered fair to 123-games.org. Compliance with this agreement cannot be reasonably considered in connection with 123-games.org as a rule, (i) if the user has violated the criminal law; (ii) if the user uses the game in unacceptable ways (see §§ 3 and 15 above); or (iii) User i If the data is inaccurate during the registration process (see § 13 above) for payment for services rendered responsible for costs (see § 16 above).

If 123-games.org is responsible for an accident and if a user pre-orders to use an enhanced version of the game or additional features over a longer period of time, A copy for the remaining period will be returned.

Complaints from other users will be excluded in this respect if the TOS of the state is not another person.

5. Any dismissal must be in writing. The reason for the abnormal termination must be made in writing on the request in case they have no termination in the letter.

Terms of Service
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