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Three action games worth playing in early 2018 for children

Kids love to play new games, so come to to experience the latest games, keep up to date and release a game every day.

Come on, let’s go to the top 3 action game action game worth playing in early 2018 for children.

1 / Action games Hop don’t stop

This is one of the most actionable games to play for children. With beautiful interface, live sound image will surely make the children enjoy the game very attractive and attractive. Hop don’t stop with the way not too hard play, the way to change the innovation that children never bored; Together with the cute rabbit character, they can not take their eyes off.

If the kids have ever played games for kids, the Hop Do not Stop games will definitely be voted on by children and top-ranked in the top three children’s action games worth playing in 2018. .

To play this game is not too difficult, but for beginners this is also one of the games that require them to think quickly and to play.

Come on, play action game online kids can try this game right here.

2 / Action games Sweet monsters

In the top two action games for children must be sweet monsters have many interesting things to make children so tired.

Sweet monsters is a fun, addictive action game that does not require kids to think a lot, just play them a few times to understand the rules of the game.

Sweet monsters require the little girls to overcome the obstacles and collect as many candies as possible. Beautifully designed interface, 2D graphics but extremely true, sound fun will make the children can not leave their eyes.

Unlike other games for children, Sweet monsters with cute, lovely and new-looking images. This game will definitely make many unforgettable children.

3 / Kids Action Games Eggs and cars

Eggs and cars is one of the new action games for kids launched on January 24, 1818; However, this game has drawn thousands of children across the country.

So this game has something attractive to attract the children so. Eggs and cars, with titles that speak to all the rules of the game, need to control their cars in order to get ahead. On the roof of an automobile is an egg, asking the children to go so smoothly and accurately that the egg does not fall off the car but also collected many gold coins along the way. To go that way, they need to be gentle and clever. This is one of the games that many children love, although this is a new game launched a few days.

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