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Top Math Game Websites for Kids

Children love using the computer, so what better way to help them practice math concepts than with a variety of math sites? Try these 20 websites for a variety of fun games, information for parents, and links to other resources that will help your student excel at math. Don’t forget to try word games, too. Start with free math games like Alien Addition, Math Pacman or Ratio Martian and then check out these 20 other great sites for kids:

1. Primary Games

Princess Math and Skater Math incorporate favorite topics into a learning opportunity so that boys and girls of all ages will find something enjoyable on this site. Lots of games, links to Jump Start and PBS Kids, and various topics make this site a home base information and fun.

2. Fun Brain

Math Arcade, Math Baseball, and Tic Tac Toe Squares are just a few of the fun games for your brain on this silly website. Appealing graphics and lots of different topics in a variety of learning areas, this website will keep learners coming back for more. Popular games like Sudoku and Mad Libs Jr. are available here, too.

3. Hooda Math

With new games every week, Hoodamath always has something new to offer in the categories of geometry and arithmetic. This site makes learning interesting with a variety of different games and topics. Beyond fact recognition, this site helps children apply math concepts into the real world with games like Real Estate Fun, Inn Keeper, and Cargo Math.

4. Math Playground

For the older child, this website offers fun activities to inspire math interest in the areas of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, angles, percentages, coordinates, and more. Play games and explore topics that relate to real world experiences.

5. Cool Math Games

Silly pictures, silly game titles, fun graphics, all kinds of topics, and educationally-sound content makes this website tons of fun for kids who want to learn and have fun at the same time. From Papa’s Taco Mia to Cyclops Physics, this website will keep children learning and wanting to explore more about math, language, science, and so much more.